NIGHTBEEST - 18" brown plush forest creature

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Say hello to the Nightbeest!

Nightbeest are usually hard to find, they are super shy and only come out in the very early morning. They bury themselves in amongst leaves and twigs during the day to snooze away the warmer hours. Nightbeest can be found in larger numbers a few weeks after bushfires, nibbling away at the juicy new plant growth. Their voracious grazing habits are fab for keeping the lawn trimmed and weeds in check.

These are quite big creatures at 18" (45cm- around knee height) tall so prospective parents please make sure you have adequate fencing.


Our toys contain small parts (eyes, noses) so are not suitable for children under 5 or any person or animal likely to attempt to eat non-edible things. Supervised play is recommended. Please be gentle with your creature as rough play or crushing may cause damage or loosen small parts. Keep away from heat sources.

With proper care, they will be your companion for life!


The felt and stuffing used in our creatures is made from recycled PET plastic bottles and we re-use as many off-cuts as possible to reduce our environmental footprint. Our toys are also vegan friendly - we do not use real fur, wool, feathers or other animal products. 


Please note these are very big creatures and ship in a large box. Postage is based on their packaged weight of 1.5kg.
Biodegradable packing material is used wherever possible. This item ships from Australia so please allow up to 4 weeks for worldwide delivery. We're a long way away!


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