LEMONCAKE the Slothling - yellow, blue and green plush sloth monster

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Meet Lemoncake!

Lemoncake, or Lemmy for short, loves to bake. Specifically "decorative baking", which she learned about from TV. As far as I can tell this anything that involves a lot of mess, sprinkles, parsley sprig trees and frosting forcibly inserted into at least one nostril. The results definitely value creativity over flavour, but the look of sheer pride on her face as she presents her latest creation makes even the stickiest nostril totally worthwhile.

Pronouns: she/her
Favourite Food: flour

Slothlings measure approximately 14 inches head to toe (10 inches sitting) and about 10 inches wide - perfect hugging size! They love to hang out with you, or laze around in your bed, couch, desk, bookshelf, campervan, tent, park bench, geodesic dome or makeshift shanty. Friendly monsters help chase away bad dreams and will always be there for you when you need a hug. Their brushable hair can be a wonderfully soothing distraction and may be comforting for those with anxiety or ASD.


Our toys contain small parts (eyes, noses) so are not suitable for children under 5 or any person or animal likely to attempt to eat non-edible things. Supervised play is recommended. Please be gentle with your creature as rough play or crushing may cause damage or loosen small parts. Keep away from heat sources.

With proper care, they will be your companion for life!


The felt and stuffing used in our creatures is made from recycled PET plastic bottles and we re-use as many off-cuts as possible to reduce our environmental footprint. Our toys are also vegan friendly - we do not use real fur, wool, feathers or other animal products. 


Biodegradable packing material is used wherever possible. This item ships from Australia so please allow up to 4 weeks for worldwide delivery. We're a long way away!


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