CLAYBIES - Teeny Polymer Clay Slug Creatures - Blind Bags

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Usually only sold at conventions, Claybies are now available online!

These sluggy babies are handmade from polymer clay and are between one and two inches in height. Each is one of a kind and has its own little personality. They make great pets as they are cheap to feed, don't shed on your couch or need boarding if you go on holidays. 
You can hide them around the house for others to find, keep one on your dashboard as a travel buddy or pop them in plant pots to keep your succulents company. They are happy indoors and out, waterproof and won't fade in the sun.

Claybies are sold blind bagged (like a lucky dip) in singles or groups of three. We wrap them all up and then pick randomly from the wrapped bags, so even we don't know which ones you'll get!
Some bags may contain special Claybies like teeny tiny baby ones, metallic and neon colours or those with special markings. It's a proper LUCKY DIIIIIIP :D

Due to the sculptural process, some Claybies may have small imperfections, fingerprints or other marks. This is just part of their personality and will not affect their ability beam happily at you from wherever you choose. If you are unsure, please review the group photos in this listing at full size before purchasing.


This product is for decorative purposes only and is not designed for play. Small enough to be placed in the mouth and may break if handled roughly. Not suitable for children.


Polymer clay, glass eyes


Biodegradable packing material is used wherever possible. This item ships from Australia so please allow up to 4 weeks for worldwide delivery. We're a long way away!


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